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Our Service Areas

Ask Philippines runs a range of service areas. Our team of motivated and enthusiastic team in the Philippines can start on helping you get on top of your business. Save money and get results.

It's simple.

Outsource Your Business: Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are vital to every business. While you may have client facing staff in your business, much of the business processes around sales and marketing can be outsource. Here are a few areas you may consider:

If you need help with cold calling, direct sales, sales prospecting or data entry/analysis around sales, we can help. 

Marketing is largely digital nowadays, and you can save substantial costs on having one or many marketers support your efforts. This runs from setting up campaigns, doing SEO, managing your social media and even writing copy for your website!

Public relations can be targeted or global. The Philippines has many excellent copy writers, public relations experts. This also includes event managers and promoters. 

Social media is a hassle for many business owners. Whether you are new or experienced to social media, we're here to help. Forget the expensive agencies, who tend to outsource anyway, and let our team of social media gurus get your social media numbers up. 

Outsource Your Business: Administration

Business administration includes such things are office tasks, general clerical and legal work, as well as finance, and back office duties. Why pay an administrator top dollar, when you can just easily have a friendly, reliable, and enthusiastic administrator in the Philippines working on tasks while you sleep! Our administration team also works with specialists and professionals like doctors, lawyers, and accountants to pick up tasks. Our team have qualifications in various fields, so more than likely you're be supported by a qualified team member in your field. 

Administration can be general or specialist, please ask. 

Many legal firms want help with administration on legal matters, including filing, discovery and records management. Why wait? Our team can help with the grunt work. 

We have experts in all areas of finance, many of whom have worked on foreign desks, Big 4 consulting firms, and investment banks and financial institutions. Whether you need a spare accountant or a book-keeper to maintain QuickBooks or Xero (or such), our team can help. 

If you have a back office tasks, like data entry, work with assistants, why not reach out and ask. 

Outsource Your Business: IT

Information Technology is often associated with other destinations like India and Vietnam. However, the Philippines has a very competitive, creative, and industries Information Technology industry. You can access some real superstars, who solve problems quickly and simply. 

Access experts in IT security. 

Access experts in IT networking.

Access experts in IT Cyber security. 

Access generalists to help with all manner of tasks - from gmail set up, google analytics, to hosting and service issues. 

Outsource Your Business: Product Development

Lots of product development can be outsourced: from creative design of labels and packaging, to design and development of products, especially information products. Whether this be courses, or books, games, or similar products, you'd be surprised as to what the Ask Philippines team can do. 

Get help with product development.

Looking for research and development support, here we are. 

Product launches including PR, and scheduling. We can build out prototypes, too. 

Make event planing a cinch. 

Outsource Your Business: Operations

Various operations can be outsourced.

This includes hiring, recruitment, and sourcing talent. 

Our team can project manage using a variety of software - Jira, Trello, Slack, and many more ...

Need someone to map out your documents, write process, develop policies, or even operations manuals. Our team can help. 

If you need help to manage your team, then we are here to help. 

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